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Is there a cleaning product that is free of toxic substances, free of ammonia, free of alcohol, safe for use not only by adults but also by children, and even so natural that you are not in danger of accidental ingestion? It exists! And now it's even more effective, in a bigger package and, thanks to the refillable spray, it's also as eco-friendly as possible. The thin nano-layer of the WHOOSH professional cleaning spray ensures long-lasting durability of the surface to be cleaned and its patented formula is a sure guarantee of perfect effectiveness on every surface. Once applied, it ensures a pleasant finger glide on the display and prevents fingerprints from forming. Doesn't that all sound incredibly good? Don't wash, WHOOSH! The only bio-safe product that cleans and disinfects in one step without the use of chemicals.

Super natural composition and friendly to nature:

• Refillable
• 100% natural formula
• No toxic substances
• Alcohol free
• Ammonia-free
• Safe for all screens, cases and covers
• Safe for children too!
• Even completely safe for oral ingestion
• Pack contains 500ml of the best cleaning product
• Ideal product and packaging for large screens
• Completely made in Canada

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Four facts about dirty mobile phone displays:

1) 30% of viruses and bacteria can spread via touchscreens.
2) The average mobile screen is 10 times dirtier than a toilet seat.
3) 18% of mobile phones are contaminated with staphylococcus.
4) 16% of mobiles are contaminated with faecal flora. You don't even want to know what that means? ;-)

Health tip:

Do you wash your hands after travelling in public transport or after using the toilet?
But you're still touching the display?? Even while you're eating???
Don't underestimate the risk of transmitting bacteria and viruses that threaten your health - Whoosh! Eliminate bacteria and viruses at the same time in one step with Whoosh!

Patented formula for perfect cleaning

WHOOSH! Screen Shine Professional Spray contains patented polymers that remove biofilm build-up, dirt, smudges, skin oils and fingerprints. The patented formula leaves a special nanofilm - an anti-static invisible coating that repels and resists dust, dirt and prevents dirt from quickly settling on the screen surface. A display cleaner that not only cleans but also protects.

100% natural formula without toxic substances

No worries about your health and skin. WHOOSH! Screen Shine Professional Spray meets the most stringent safety tests for use in the home and business. It's even so natural that there's no risk of poisoning or other complications if accidentally ingested. An uncompromisingly biological screen cleaner. Do you have skin with an allergic reaction to various chemical cleaners? With the new WHOOSH! Screen Shine Professional Spray you can clean without worry. It is dermatologically tested and does not cause an allergic reaction like other - low-quality cleaning products full of chemicals.

Suitable for all screen types

When cleaning the screen, you no longer have to worry about damaging the surface structure of the displays because WHOOSH! cleaners do not contain any aggressive substances that could damage your display. There is nothing in this bottle, which contains the highest quality and most effective natural ingredients, that will damage, etch or in any way degrade your screen. Quite the opposite! In this spray bottle you get 500ml of the best ingredients to brighten your screens.

Such a perfect formula that it's used in Apple Stores around the world

Can you imagine the rigorous testing that went into the cleaning product that was chosen to keep screens clean at all Apple Store locations worldwide? Yes - WHOOSH! Screen Shine Professional Spray has proven to be the best. Its patented formula is so unique that no other product to this day can beat it. So it is often unofficially referred to as APPLE CLEANER! Anyone who has tried it once never wants another.

Get back the feel of your newly unpacked mobile or computer

Get the most out of your displays and experience the feel of a freshly unpacked product. Thanks to WHOOSH! Screen Shine Professional Spray, this will become an everyday standard for you. Electronic devices such as mobile phones and laptops stay as good as new after use and retain a long lasting feeling of fresh cleanliness. Have your new iPhone, Mac, Android phone or windows computer back. All in just a few seconds of time spent cleaning with WHOOSH! spray.

At last, there's a screen cleaner that's refillable

Truly eco-friendly and environmentally friendly! It wouldn't be a Whoosh! if every year they didn't come up with something that beats all the competition. And this year is no different. Finally, we have the first natural-based screen cleaner that is reusable thanks to a replacement refill kit. After emptying the contents of the bottle, simply purchase the eco-friendly refill kit to bring your favorite WHOOSH back to life! Screen Shine Professional Spray. The refill kit is twice as eco-friendly thanks to the amazing double pack, so you save on postage while protecting the planet.

Safe yet extra effective

When cleaning different surfaces, it is sometimes impossible to prevent the movement of children or pets. Most cleaning products are very dangerous for your children and pets. Whoosh! Screen Shine Professional Spray is different. Use it without fear because its 100% natural WHOOSH! formula is completely safe for you and your family, as well as for restless pets, and it can clean all surfaces with a power like never before.

Don't waste time cleaning and disinfecting - do it all in one go!

Most products can either clean well or disinfect well. Whoosh! Screen Shine Professional Spray can do both in one quick process. Simply apply the spray to the surface, let it sit for a minute, and wipe it off. The surface will not only stay clean, but also free of all bacteria, viruses, and microorganisms. Finally, a cleaner that saves you time and money.

Technical hygiene

Over the years, WHOOSH! cleaning products have become a strong name in the field of so-called technical hygiene. It should be part of your routine care and your mobile devices and all displays. The logic is simple, since we use these devices most often, we should pay extra attention to cleaning and disinfecting the individual devices.

Feature overview

  • The ideal product in a large package even for large screens
  • At last, there's a screen cleaner that's refillable
  • 100% natural formula
  • No toxic substances
  • Alcohol free
  • Ammonia-free
  • Safe for all screens, cases and covers
  • Safe for children too!
  • Even completely safe for oral ingestion
  • Completely made in Canada
  • Destroys dangerous bacteria and viruses on screens
  • Screens as clean as new
  • Fingerprint, dust and dirt resistance
  • Thin anti-static nano-layer ensures smooth finger glide on the display and very comfortable operation
  • Resistance increases with regular use thanks to nanofilm
  • Package contents

  • Unique spray WHOOSH! 500 ml

  • How to get rid of germs on your mobile?

    Periodicity in combination with Screen Shine products, Whoosh! takes care of the perfect hygiene of your mobile phone, tablet and other devices you touch every day. You can find more detailed information here.
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    The American company WHOOSH! actually started as a coincidence. A story about how Jason used his new biological solution for car cleaning on an iPad and it looked as good as new, sounds like a marketing fairy tale. With the help of Jason’s friends, they filled thousands of samples with the solution and spread them on Las Vegas's largest consumer electronics trade fair. WHOOSH! became the most innovative product of CES 2014. The fairytale story moved to Apple Store, and after a worldwide engagement, it ended in your home where it takes care of electronics.

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