AOHi Future Creative Power Cables

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Be part of the future with AOHi Future Creative Power Cables! No matter where life takes you, you can get the most out of your charger with this creative kit. Simply by adapting the charging cable to your device and circumstances by combining individual parts.

All four components fit into a small protective case. You will always have them at hand and perfectly organized. You will prevent their loss, as well as tangling, breakage and damage to their internal structure. Although the components excel in extreme resistance on their own as well.

The AOHi set will win you over with its dazzling design, playfulness, unique length of up to 2.6 m, but above all with super charging power of 240 W. Ordinary charging cables do not even come close to this. Add to that world-class materials and workmanship, and there's no doubt that you have the most innovative, best-looking, and best-executed cable solution you'll come across today!

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AOHi Future Creative Power Cables

Playful design with maximum functionality

The modular system allows you to assemble the perfect cable in seconds. Simply replace its parts with those required by your device and situation. Thanks to the special technology of quick connection of various components, you get several creative options and the freedom to charge practically any phone, laptop and other devices. Take the cable which length best suits your needs - a 10 cm piece fits just right in your pocket for a trip, the longest 170 cm long one will help you with charging in the car instead. Finally, by connecting all the modules, you can indulge in charging at a distance of up to 2.6 meters from the socket and forget all those neck-breaking positions! Just imagine the convenience of watching videos, reading e-books or working without the length of the power cord limiting you in any way.

Don’t wait, charge immediately and at full power

AOHi's creative power cable set shows off with unique lightning-fast USB-C charging with 240W Power Delivery 3.1. For comparison, regular fast charging cables will take it to 60W, a maximum of 100W, which is not even half! With the help of a smart E-marker chip, the cable corrects and adapts the through current so that charging remains safe and smooth even at such a speed. In addition, its status is clearly indicated by a multi-coloured LED diode: yellow indicates fast charging at full power, blue indicates normal speed, while green indicates slow charging. In that case, we recommend purchasing a more powerful charger to help you save time. The speed with which the cable can handle data transfer is also impressive - a great 480 Mb/s means, among other things, that you can transfer an entire 1GB movie in just 30 seconds.

AOHi Future Creative Power Cables

Made to last

AOHi used high-quality Swedish aluminium for the production of connectors. The cables have a solid fibre core, nylon braiding or a soft rubber casing with a special surface treatment and reinforced protection at the bend point. This solid patented construction, combined with a flexible, wear-resistant material, perfectly protects them from fraying or any other damage. The cables even have the highest resistance in their entire category. Its exceptionality is also proven by the fact that they successfully passed a demanding bending life test with more than 30,000 deflections even under load. Thanks to the stylish silicone case, you can extend their life even more. In it, they remain tangle-free and neatly stored. Your pockets or backpack will stay organized and at the same time you will never be surprised by a low battery of your device.

High compatibility

It doesn't matter if your device is iOS or Android - as long as it has a Type-C connector. This kit works seamlessly with laptops (2022 MacBook Pro, etc.), mobile phones (iPhone 14/14 Pro/13/13 Pro/12/12 Pro, Samsung S22, Google Pixel, LG, etc.), tablets (iPad Pro, etc.), Switch, Steam Deck, and more. An MFi-certified chip means that your Apple device will be in the best hands with AOHi.

Note: The complete list of compatible devices can be found on the manufacturer's website.

AOHi Future Creative Power Cables

Technical specifications

  • Set of 2 charging and 2 extension cables
  • USB-C to USB-C, USB-C to Lightning
  • Modular system for creatively combining parts as needed
  • Extremely fast, safe and smooth charging
  • Maximum charging power 240 W PD 3.1
  • Maximum power USB-C/5 A; Lightning /3A
  • Smart E-marker chip to adjust the passing current
  • Three-stage LED signaling of the charging status
  • Fast data transfer of 480 Mbps
  • Extremely durable materials and construction
  • Playful patented design
  • MFi certified chip
  • Cable length: 10 - 260 cm
  • Broad compatibility with both Apple and Android devices
  • Storage case included
  • Materials: aluminum alloy, rubber, braided nylon, metal case
  • Package dimensions: 31 x 18 x 6 cm
  • Weight: 800 g
  • Package contents

  • 1x 10cm short USB-C to USB-C cable
  • 1x 10cm USB-C to Lightning cable
  • 1x 80cm extension cable
  • 1x 170cm spring cable
  • 1x silicone protective case
  • Gift box
  • Manual
  • Documentation

  • Manual in English

  • Meet the AOHi Future Creative Power Cables in the video

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    AOHi is an independent brand of Aohai Technology. It aims to use pioneering solutions and the latest technology in the development of new charging devices and smart additional services. Innovation, quality and determination are the basis of its philosophy. And that he really takes it seriously is proven by the fact that it has a professional research and development team with more than 300 engineers, 267 registered patents and is a world leader in its field.

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