Backbone One - PlayStation Edition Mobile Gaming Controller for USB-C

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Snap in your phone and play any game or service that supports controllers. Inspired by the look and feel of the PS DualSense™ wireless controller, the Backbone One gives users tactile controls to enhance their gaming experience on Android. Pair with the PS Remote Play App and you can play your PlayStation® games anywhere with ease. Simply plug your phone into the Backbone One and start playing.

Play any controller supported games with responsive analog triggers, tactile buttons, and clickable joysticks for a premium mobile gaming experience.¹

Low latency, Pass-through charging & 3.5 mm headset jack:
Connects to your Android phone or iPhone that have USB-C port for ultra-responsive gameplay. Charge your phone and use your favorite headset while you play.

The Backbone app aggregates your content library and game streaming services into a streamlined user experience.

Backbone+ Subscription Trial Available Soon: Unlock 20+ app features, perks & in-game rewards. A Backbone+ subscription is NOT required to play games with your Backbone One controller. The free app includes free firmware updates and features to manage your controller.²

Designed in collaboration with PlayStation® and inspired by the PS5 DualSense™ wireless controller. Features special integrations with the PS4® console, PS5® console and PlayStation® App like the ability to play PS4 and PS5 games on your mobile device via PS Remote Play. Even install games onto your console remotely so you can play them later. Backbone One is the gaming essential for PlayStation® on mobile.³

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Backbone One Classic

An Officially Licensed Controller for PlayStation

Introducing the Backbone One – PlayStation Edition. Inspired by the look and feel of the PS DualSense wireless controller, the Backbone One gives users tactile controls to enhance their gaming experience on mobile. Pair with the PS Remote Play App and you can play your PlayStation games anywhere with ease. Simply plug your phone into the Backbone One and start playing any Play Store games and game streaming services that support controllers.

Backbone One Classic

Console Quality Controls

Designed in partnership with the team behind the PS5 DualSense controller, the Backbone features tactile buttons, responsive triggers, and clickable thumbsticks. The controller's rounded edges are designed to naturally fit in the hand for the most comfortable gaming experience.

Backbone One Classic

3.5mm Headset Jack Connection

You can use any 3.5mm headphones with the passthrough on your Backbone or Bluetooth audio with your phone.

Lowest Latency Connection

Simply connects to your phone's USB-C port. This direct connection allows for almost no latency when playing games, bringing it closer to a console experience.

Pass-Through USB-C Port

Backbone One does not have a battery, instead it draws minimal amounts of power from the phone. Its power consumption is imperceptibly low. Change in your phone's battery life.

Backbone One Classic

Works with the most phones that have USB-C connector

Compatible with iPhone devices that have USB-C connector and most Android devices (OS version 10.0 and newer), including Google Pixel 2 Series and above, Samsung S8 and Note 8 Series and above, and more.

Backbone One Classic

Play Any Controller Support Game and Streaming Service

Choose from hundreds of games like Call of Duty, Minecraft, Asphalt 9: Legends, and more. Backbone works with any game that supports game controllers.

Backbone One Classic

All your games in one place

The Backbone app is an all-in-one launcher that aggregates all your games and platforms, plus the latest content, games and news, into one hub, even making recommendations about what to play.

Connect with Friends + Twitch Streaming

Get instantly notified when friends are online and create/join parties to voice chat while you play together. You can now go live on Twitch instantly and share the link with your friends. We've refined the entire process to take less than 10 seconds."

Play on Any Screen

Use the Backbone with other devices like the iPad, Mac, or PC to play services like Xbox Cloud Gaming and Google Stadia. We have optimized performance for each device so the latency is lower than traditional Bluetooth controllers, making it optimal for cloud gaming.

Backbone One Classic

Next-Level Game Recording

The Backbone app assists you in visualizing your most action-packed moments automatically, allowing you to show off your best moments with ease and now supports 60 FPS game recording, last 15 seconds recording and more.

Backbone One Classic

3 Free Months of Apple Arcade

Access to over 200+ games including NBA 2K23, Hello Kitty Island, TNMT and Sneaky Sasquatch. Code issued digitally during product set up. Valid to only first time free trial subscribers or existing free trial users.*
*Offer expires 5/8/2025. Apple Arcade subscription auto renews after promotion until canceled. Pricing and availability may vary by country or region. Terms apply.Backbone One Arcade Trial

Play Your Favorite Gaming Platform

Turn your phone into a handheld gaming console when you pair the phone and Backbone with your preferred gaming service.

Backbone One - introducing PlayStation Edition Mobile Gaming Controller for USB-C:


¹ Games and services available may vary by country.
² Backbone+ subscription trial for new members only, valid payment method required and continues automatically. Pricing and availability may vary by country. T&C apply.
³ New Xbox Game Pass members only. Subscription continued automatically. Pricing and availability may vary by country.


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