Robobloq Qobo – Interactive Pogrammable Snail for Children, 3-8 yo

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Do you feel that your children have lost their interest for classic toys and prefer to reach for their mobile phone? Let's change that with the help of the Robobloq Qobo programmable snail. This interactive toy draws children into the action and teaches them a lot of new skills. In the age of smart technology, we need smarter toys.

Robobloq Qobo is one of the so-called STEAM toys that help children learn in a non-violent and fun way. Both girls and boys feel that they are just playing and do not even perceive that they are learning new knowledge. The interactive snail helps to develop logical thinking, teaches the basics of programming and a foreign language.

The modern toy impresses not only with its high-quality technical sophistication, but also with its attractive appearance. In addition, it is compatible with LEGO and your children can decorate the snail according to their wishes. The set includes 30 playing cards that can be stacked as a puzzle.

Note: The package may contain either the blue or orange variation. Colour variation cannot be selected.

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Qobo – interactive snail for preschoolers

The Robobloq Qobo interactive toy is suitable for children from 3 to 8 years of age. They will learn practical programming with the help of a programmable snail and a set of physical cards. The game is accompanied by 15 training lessons and challenges based on hands-on experience. Through touch and practical problem solving, it is much easier for children to learn new skills.

There is also a Free Mode with a map on which children stack cards in a logical arrangement so that Qobo finds a diamond. During his journey, they learn a foreign language, colours, and movement, for example, by dancing to music.


STEAM – a modern form of teaching

With the help of a smart snail and playing cards, children learn new skills without being fully aware of it. They feel that they are only playing and at the same time unknowingly acquire a whole range of new knowledge. Qobo draws them into the action and helps them develop their minds in a variety of different areas - thinking in a foreign language, learning to know colours, improving motor skills while dancing, logical thinking when planning a route. The game comprehensively develops children's imagination and creativity and teaches preschoolers independence in solving problems. And all this in a non-violent way, which is very fun for them.


Package contents...

  • an interactive snail, whose body consists of 4 main parts - an internal mechanism that can read information from the cards; interactive touch-mouth that can speak; colour changing the sides of the shell and the top of the shell with a plate compatible with LEGO kits
  • a set of 30 programming cards with various functions. The cards can be interconnected as a puzzle to create a complex programming function. The upper part of the cards has Braille, so the game is also suitable for visually impaired children.
  • a map for free mode, such as the Eiffel Tower, Buckingham Palace or the Great Tower of China
  • cable to connect Qobo to a computer for PC programming. It also serves as a charging cable for the snail
  • a guide detailing 15 different training lessons and challenges

  • Qobo

    Coding control

    The Qobo snail has a built-in system inside the shell body that can read the coding from individual programming cards. The package contains 2 sets of cards - directional and cards with a function.

    In free mofe, your task is to get a character from the Start card to the Diamond card. Directional programming cards will help us with this - turning left, turning right and forward. Join the cards together as a puzzle and Qobo will follow the instructions on the card.

    There are also directional cards with a loop function - it always has a beginning and an end. There is a choice of cards with 3x and 6x repetitions. Place the snail on the repetition tab, then enter the direction indicators to end the repetition. Then place the interactive snail on the map and press the launch button to instruct you to follow the instructions.

    The second set of cards displays images with a soundtrack, or another task. Here you will find, for example, a card with a police car, a train, an apple, purple or blue, a river card or 2 music cards, on which the snail enters and starts the music, to which the children can dance at home. It is simply a very an entertaining toy.


    Higher level of coding

    For advanced players, there is the option of connecting an interactive snail to a computer. You can easily connect the toy to a PC using the pairing cable included in the package. Download Robobloq to your computer and start more complex programming.


  • Qobo snail - ENG

  • Qobo - instructions for mathematical extension, firmware update

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    In the age of smart technology, we need smarter toys. Teachers around the world are trying to take the level of education to even higher. They follow modern technologies and try to integrate them into the daily lives of children. The best tools for achieving a quality education are modern toys, which use new knowledge in a non-violent way from an early age. Robobloq comes up with a smart solution in the form of modern interactive toys that draw children into the action and use the STEAM method to teach them a lot of new skills and improve them in independent logical thinking.

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