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Learning maths can be a real struggle for children. Thanks to smart puzzles from Qobo, learning becomes a fun game! The puzzles are a useful accessory for the Qobo smart snail. This way of teaching is easier to remember and will bring a natural enthusiasm for learning in your child.

The package contains a set of 30 puzzles, including 21 number puzzles, 7 math signs and a puzzle with symbols for the beginning and end. With these, you'll create an example that the snail swipes to read and tell the correct result.

Their colourful design playfully captures the child's mind and helps her to remember the digits visually.

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learning math, little differently

Getting to grips with maths isn't always easy, luckily thanks to Qobo's clever puzzles, this can be changed in a playful way. Combining classical science with digital technology brings a breath of fresh air to traditional school teaching. The pack contains 30 puzzles, including 21 number puzzles, 7 maths signs and a puzzle with instructions for the start and end. Use them to create an example, then place the Qobo snail on the puzzle with the start symbol. By driving forward, the snail reads the digits and signs and when it has finished driving, it will loudly say the result of the example.

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  • 30 puzzle

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    In the age of smart technology, we need smarter toys. Teachers around the world are trying to take the level of education to even higher. They follow modern technologies and try to integrate them into the daily lives of children. The best tools for achieving a quality education are modern toys, which use new knowledge in a non-violent way from an early age. Robobloq comes up with a smart solution in the form of modern interactive toys that draw children into the action and use the STEAM method to teach them a lot of new skills and improve them in independent logical thinking.

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