Bluetens Spare Electrodes - Size S - 12 Pieces

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12 spare electrodes (size S) for Bluetens smart electrostimulator. Size S is suitable for treatment of smaller areas of the body, such as elbows, ankles, neck or arms.

Bluetens solves wide range of chronic and acute pain without analgesics, eliminates muscle tension and helps improve your sports performance.

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Electrodes can be used repeatedly, approximately 20x-30x and their lifespan can be prolonged by applying on dry and clean skin. Store the electrodes in their original sealed package to prevent the conductive gel from drying out.

Electrodes and gel are made of high-quality non-allergenic materials and are adapted for better conductivity and current scattering during electrotherapy. Size S is ideal for Cure, Relax and Tone programs and all parts of body which will be recommended to you by Bluetens Get Better app to help you get the best effect.

Find out more about using the Bluetens electrostimulator and Bluetens Get Better app here.

Bluetens Náhradní elektrody k chytrému elektrostimulátoru

Tips for correct using of electrodes

Because of the polarity you can feel that some of the electrodes are not working - no worries, 4 electrodes are working properly and independently. You can turn Bluetens off and lightly move with electrodes so that they are properly positioned at the nerve endings.

4 electrodes must be positioned on the skin without overlapping. But make yourself sure that the cable is correctly connected to Bluetens. If the electrodes dry out, you can gently rub 1 or 2 drops of water into the gel part with your fingers.

It is better to change the electrodes if their adhesion is impaired or if you feel tingling after starting the program.


  • 12 spare electrodes (size S) for Bluetens electrostimulator
  • Reuse for 20 - 30 programs (electrode wear depends on skin type and hair)
  • The closable package protects the electrodes from drying out
  • Pack is sufficient for about 3 months of electrotherapy

  • Important warning: People with pacemakers or predisposition to epileptic seizures should not take Bluetens. The use of an electrostimulator is not recommended for pregnant women, people suffering from hernia and eventration. People with heart disease must avoid using electrodes in areas around the heart. You should also not use Bluetens if you have implants or metal prostheses, heart disease or arrhythmia, diabetes (with a loss of sensitivity), severe blood circulation disorders in legs.

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    Since 2014, French company Bluetens has been focusing on the development of a unique interconnected electrostimulator. Developed by healthcare professionals and sports professionals, Bluetens relieves pain and improves sports performance as an approved health care facility thanks to the beneficial effects of electrotherapy on the human body.

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