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Do you enjoy sending the restless Ozobot on fun and intricate paths that you draw for him on paper yourself? Thanks to a spare set of black washable markers, you can draw whatever comes to your mind - for example, an Ozobot football field, a city where the Ozobots meet, or even a labyrinth.

The markers are intended for both EVO and BIT+ Ozobots, and their track width is adapted directly to their sensors. Ozobots are thus better oriented on your routes and turns and do not require such frequent calibration.

In the package you will find 4 large black markers for drawing guide lines that will guide the Ozobots to the color codes. In addition to lines, you can also easily create quickly accessible calibration points, so you can fully focus on the fun game and challenges of drawing code with commands.

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Enjoy creative programming to the fullest

Are you already a master at programming on paper? Then stock up on markers to easily draw paths for your Ozobot:

  • Package content 4 black washable markers
  • The width and capacity of the markers is adapted to the sensors of both Ozobots Evo / Bit+
  • Properly held marker to create an easy-to-read trail 5 mm wide for Ozobot
  • You can use stickers with colored ozocodes on the black line, or draw the codes behind the black line
  • Markers are easy to wash off and non-toxic
  • Recommended for children from 6 years old

  • Programming an ozobot with the help of cartoon color codes

    So that nothing disturbs the fun of the game

    Ozobot responds correctly to commands when its light sensors are calibrated for the background currently in use. With the help of markers, you can always create a calibration point within close range of the game surface.

    You can wash off marker marks from your skin easily with soap and warm water. Immediately wash clothing soiled with markers in warm water with a mild detergent (without pre-washing or bleaching). Keep markers out of contact with porous materials such as wood, PVC, etc.

    How to: Draw Codes

    Code drawing tips

  • You will need white paper, black, red, blue and green markers and Ozobot
  • First Calibrate the Ozobot - you can draw your own calibration point with a black marker
  • Draw a black line and behind it without interruption colored ozocodes
  • Continue with the black line
  • Place Ozocodes only on straight lines
  • Don't make turns and turns at sharp angles
  • At an intersection without a previous ozocode, Evo decides on its own which way to go
  • If you want to change the color code, it is best to paste over it with a new one

  • Who will draw a crazier track?

    Ozobot as a hamster in a merry-go-round?

    Quick instructions and tips in Czech:

  • Ozobot in education - portal about Ozobots from the Czech Informatics Unit
  • Ozocodes overview (PDF)
  • Quick tips on Ozobot (PDF calibration, drawing codes and lines)
  • Ozobot calibration (PDF)
  • 7 basic training sessions for getting to know Ozobot

  • External links:

  • Library of teaching lessons for teachers
  • Youtube Tutorials

  • logo Ozobot

    In 2012, Ozobot comes up with a new small robot prototype, and after 2 years of development, the robot is presented at the largest consumer electronics fair in Las Vegas. In the next years children and students all over the world quickly took a liking to . . Since then, the Ozobot company has been making fun programmable robots for the next generation.

    The mission of Ozobots is to inspire young people to develop new technologies, instead of passively using them. Currently, the entire Ozobot concept perfectly fulfills the principles of STEAM education – linking polytechnic fields and a creative approach with the goal of developing a sustainable future.

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