ShiftCam LensUltra iPhone 14 Case

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Don't waste time preparing your iPhone to take breathtaking images! ShiftCam's leatherette case fits it like a glove without the annoying alignment of perforations for the lens system. As well as eliminating unwanted vignetting in a flash, it boasts another feature that mobile photography enthusiasts will get their hearts racing for - an integrated aluminum lens mount. It is compatible with the ShiftCam LensUltra series, as well as with other 12mm aspherical lenses.

In addition to its advanced features, the case is defined by premium-quality materials and crafts fine-tuned to the last detail. The case doesn't force you to sacrifice style for photography shooting comfort. The leatherette captivates with the visual effect of leather and even matches it in many features while remaining as eco-friendly as possible. The case is scratch, stain, and water resistant. It can withstand any weather condition and will protect the phone when dropped from a height of 2 meters. All this without limiting Qi wireless charging and MagSafe charging. Can you imagine a more convenient solution for all your photography adventures?

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ShiftCam LensUltra iPhone 14

The most advanced case installation solution

Dreaming of a stylish case that fits your iPhone like a glove? You've got it! This piece by ShiftCam screams "PERFECT FIT". The craftsmanship is supremely precise - it gracefully hugs all the edges of your smartphone and flawlessly fits the lens system on the back of your smartphone the first time. It saves you the hassle and the tedious alignment process and lets you focus on what matters - capturing the stunning beauty around you.

Finally, a case with a built-in lens mount

The ShiftCam case eliminates the unwanted effect of vignetting on your images thanks to its precise contouring. In addition, it puts another tool in your hands to outdo the pros with your mobile photography - the integrated aluminum lens mount. This is compatible with 12mm aspherical lenses and the complete ShiftCam LensUltra series. From now on, you won't waste time with complicated mounting. Say goodbye to wasted time and hello to picture-perfect moments every time.

ShiftCam LensUltra iPhone 14

Style or comfort? You can have both!

ShiftCam has chosen vegan leather for its durable case. And this choice was a hit. This material is beautiful to look at, you could easily mistake it for real leather. But it doesn't harm the environment or the animals that live in it. In addition, it also has invaluable functional properties. It is scratch-, stain-, water-resistant, and easy to clean. The premium quality of the case and its exceptional resistance are underlined by the fact that it won't give up on you even in bad weather and it protects your phone from a 2-metre drop. And don't worry, it doesn't interfere with Qi wireless charging and MagSafe charging.

Features Summary

  • Vegan leather case for iPhone 14
  • Resistant to scratches, stains, and water, withstands any weather
  • Integrated aluminum mount for all ShiftCam lenses
  • Fully compatible with Qi wireless charging and MagSafe charging
  • 2m drop protection
  • Stylish workmanship and attention to detail
  • Timeless minimalist design
  • Color: Black
  • Review

    ShiftCam logo

    ShiftCam was founded in early 2017 with the goal of helping users reinvent mobile photography and make it even more convenient, compact, and more complex. Its founders believe that the ability to take a perfect photo or video should be available to everyone, not just professionals. That's why it tries to support the smoothest possible transition from a smartphone to a professional camera with its sophisticated mobile accessories. Thanks to it, every one can simply pick up their smartphone and capture precious memories in a creative way.
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    Color Black
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