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You can now take making photos and videos on your smart phone to a completely different level. Get the tools of a true professional with this multi-functional kit from ShiftCam. It's easy - just click and you can start creating!

The ProGrip Starter Kit turns your phone into a more ergonomic camera, offering SLR-like convenience and functionality. In addition, it will also serve as a docking station and a powerful charger with an integrated power bank. ProGrip is light and fits in any pocket or bag. The durable shell case makes transportation safe.

With the ProGrip kit from ShiftCam you also get:
• Easily accessible BT trigger, the same as on professional SLRs
• A powerful wireless charger with a power bank in one
• Cold Shoe - special quick-clamp attachment with 360° rotatable adapter
• Ergonomic grip, reliability and sharp, blur-free photos
• Overview of important information in your field of vision
• Extensive compatibility with iPhone and Android phones
• Worldwide warranty with ShiftCam card

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ShiftCam ProGrip Starter Kit

Turn your phone into a professional SLR camera

Do you ever feel tension in your wrists at the end of a full day of video and photo shooting? Although the phone is a practical helper, its shape is simply not ideal from an ergonomic point of view. Especially compared to a SLR camera. The ProGrip Starter Kit from ShiftCam offers a solution - a kit thanks to which you will get a much more comfortable and safer grip on your smartphone. The precise shape and choice of materials is though out down to the smallest detail. There is also a thumb rest and ergonomic rounding so that the pressure exerted by your palm is evenly distributed. The handle's durable finish prevents it from sticking and general wear over time. The high-quality rubber coating is non-slip, sweat-resistant and soft to the touch.

Emergency wireless power bank and stand in one

ProGrip has many other great features. You can use it as a comfortable stand for everyday use. Its 75° tilt is ideal, for example, for video calls or watching TikTok videos. The extension even replaces a power bank with wireless charging. Faster wired charging with 20W PD technology will power your phone and various accessories, including Bluetooth headphones. You can also charge wirelessly with the help of ProGrip, only with a slightly lower power of 15 W. Even if you are currently using your smart phone. You will appreciate the ability to charge your phone while working, especially when traveling and when shooting videos, which are a little bit more energy demanding.

Easily accessible BT trigger, same as on professional SLRs

Speed is important to capture the best photos. The ideal moment to capture the perfect photo never lasts long, which is why photography professionals take photos either with large SLR cameras or with a quality smart phone in a ProGrip grip. With a simple press of the ProGrip's photo shutter, you can capture all the important photos without delay and without any need to adjust anything on the phone's screen. Each press of the shutter button takes one photo by your smart phone. Everything works wirelessly, automatically, without any need for confirmation on the smart phone display.

Ergonomic grip, reliability and perfectly sharp photos without any blur

Every professional photographer knows that without a firm and stable grip it is impossible to take perfectly sharp hand-held photos. This is why professionals most often rely on a Video Rig for video cameras, or the ProGrip handle for smart phone, which will guarantee the necessary stability when taking pictures. Thanks to the stable grip with the ProGrip handle, your photos will be sharp like never before. Due to its thin shape, smart phones do not meet the demanding needs of photographers, because it is practically impossible to hold smart phones firmly in your hand, so that the resulting photo can be beautifully sharp and rendered in detail. ProGrip is ergonomically designed so that your grip is firm and stable, with the entire surface of your palm. For a precise, ergonomically shaped grip, you need the ProGrip set recommended by professionals.

Compatible with most smartphones including iPhone 14

Thanks to the universal clamping system, the ProGrip can hold any mobile device with a width of 58 to 90 mm, with or without a case. Its unique design allows you to rotate the phone by 90° and quickly change the shooting mode to portrait/landscape. You can thus capture an exceptional family moment, take a short video according to the latest trends or shoot a longer vlog. To fix small smart phones, the ProGrip set is equipped with a set of adapters that allow the smallest phones to be fit. Because ShiftCam thinks of every detail for your perfect photo.

All important information in your field of vision

Time is one of the most important things in photography. When taking pictures, the photographer often concentrates so strongly on the work that they completely forget about time. But how is the battery doing and in what state is the charging of the connected phone now? ShiftCam ProGrip holder has you covered and therefore a series of unobtrusive LED diodes, located directly in the field of vision of the eye, so that you always have an overview of wireless charging, super-fast cable charging, Bluetooth connection and, last but not least, the racent battery status. It is indicated by LEDs with almost zero consumption, they display the status in percentage graduated in 25% increments (According to the number of lit LEDs, the current battery status is 100%, 75%, 50%, or 25%). The ShiftCam ProGrip can also be charged directly while shooting, as the USB-C charging connector is located on the underside of the handle outside the grip area of the palm holder.

ShiftCam ProGrip Starter Kit

Expand ProGrip with other components

The package also includes a comfortable hand strap for an even firmer and more comfortable grip on the phone. At the same time, the strap serves as a safety device during very demanding usage with the risk of dropping the camera. The package also includes a screw for connecting to tripods, including a horizontal mounting platform for stable mounting.

Cold Shoe – special quick-release attachment with 360° rotatable adapter

The package also contains a set of Cold Shoe reductions - a mounting base and a special 360° quick-clamping attachment, with which you can attach any standardized accessory to the ProGrip set on the upper side of the handle of the ProGrip holder. Photographers most often connect external lighting to the Cold Shoe adapter. For example, ShiftCam Pro LED Panel BI-COLOR or Pro LED Panel RGBWW are ideal options, thanks to which you will get lighting, shadows and skin colours similar to those in a photo studio. You can also use the Cold Shoe adapter to mount an additional microphone. ShiftCam also has an extensive range of additional lenses. This set will always be a solid foundation in your professional mobile photography set-up.

Global, worldwide warranty with ShiftCam card

ShiftCam has been the choice of photography professionals for many years. Part of the nomadic lifestyle of photographers is of course traveling around the world, because capturing the best photos is strongly linked to choosing the right location. Capturing the local lifestyle, architecture and monuments, or natural attractions requires constant searching and traveling. With the ShiftCam card for international warranty claims, you are no longer limited by anything and can travel the world to capture your life’s work. Without worrying that in the event of a technical problems you would have to return to the country in which the ProGrip set was purchased. To claim the warranty, just scan the QR code from the warranty card, enter the basic data for customer registration, and you are all set to claim the warranty anywhere. How simple! Another bonus is the dimensions of the ShiftCam warranty card. Thanks to the dimensions of a regular credit card, the ShifCam warranty card can be conveniently stored in your wallet for all occasions.

Feature overview

  • Ergonomic grip, reliability and sharp, blur-free photos
  • Stable grip of the mobile phone while shooting videos
  • Easily accessible BT trigger, same as on professional SLRs
  • A powerful wireless charger with a power bank in one
  • Cold Shoe - a special quick-clamping attachment with a 360° rotatable adapter
  • The ability to take photos and charge your phone at the same time
  • Easy 180 degree rotation to change landscape/portrait mode
  • Overview of important information in your field of vision
  • Special non-slip treatment of the grip surface
  • Worldwide warranty with the ShiftCam card
  • Compatible with phones with a width of 58 to 90 mm, with and without cases
  • Extensive compatibility with mobile phones with iOS and Android operating systems
  • Compact size, light and portable
  • Travel case made of strong and durable shell
  • Safety hand strap
  • Technical specifications

  • Wireless smart phone charging - 15 W
  • Charging other accessories via power cable- 20 W
  • Power supply: built-in Samsung branded battery
  • Power bank capacity 23.36 Wh
  • Dimensions: 8,8 cm X 15,2 cm X 6,7 cm
  • Weight: 200 g
  • Colour: Charcoal
  • Package contents

  • ShiftCam ProGrip
  • USB-C to USB-C power cable (1,5 m)
  • Travel case
  • Safety hand strap
  • Cold Shoe attachment
  • Cold Shoe adapter
  • Smart phone case for attaching the ShiftCam LensUltra optics is not included
  • Documentation

  • Manual in English

  • ShiftCam logo

    ShiftCam was founded in early 2017 with the goal of helping users reinvent mobile photography and make it even more convenient, compact and more complex. Its founders believe that the ability to take a perfect photo or video should be available to everyone, not just professionals. That's why it tries to support the smoothest possible transition from a smartphone to a professional camera with its sophisticated mobile accessories. Thanks to it, everyone can simply pick up their smartphone and capture precious memories in a creative way.
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