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Take your video production and photography to the next level with a portable LED panel from ShiftCam. Its 20 preset modes and three manually adjustable RGB, HSI and CCT modes will ensure flawless lighting of any set. Quickly setting the RGB colour spectrum in 360 steps (hues) with selectable saturation allows you to conjure up different light moods, cool effects and play with light painting in the entire colour spectrum. A CCT mode ranging from 2500K to a whopping 9000K lets you shoot portraits or vlogs with natural white light that flatters any skin tone. For a change, the HSI colour model most closely matches the human perception of colours and is adjustable in the range from 0 to 100.

Despite its phenomenal performance, the ShiftCam panel is compact with economical dimensions. For easier work, you can attach it to any standard cold shoe tripod and set it horizontally or vertically. It is also compatible with other accessories - cameras, smartphones and laptops.

Zachyťte nejreálnější barvy fotografie díky Shiftcam RGBWW panelu s bohatými možnostmi nastavění. Vestavěný nabíjecí akumulátor poskytuje dostatečnou energii až na 15 hodin provozu. Bohaté možností nastavění.

Capture the most realistic colours thanks to the Shiftcam RGBWW panel with rich adjustment options. The built-in rechargeable battery provides enough energy for up to 15 hours of operation. Rich configuration options.

• Up to 20 preset modes including dynamic ones
• Manually adjustable RGB, CCT and HSI modes
• Lighting intensity setting for all modes
• Cold Shoe adapter for universal attachment
• Integrated battery 11.47 Wh
• Lasts up to 15 hours on a single charge
• Up to 2500K for "Golden Hour" mode at sunset
• Built-in diffuser

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20 preset modes for capturing photos or videos

The Shiftcam RGBWW panel has 20 automatic modes that will help you capture the perfect photo or video. The panel can simulate lighting dynamically, so it automatically switches different colours and lighting intensities according to the selected program. When taking photos, you will use the modes that can guide the lighting exactly according to the chosen atmosphere. You can choose from the following modes: Police car (automatic flashing), Ambulance (automatic flashing), Fire truck (red/white automatic flashing), Lightning (automatic colour flashing), Fireworks (automatic colour flashing), Television (B/W flashing), Candle, Party (automatic colour flashing), Burst bulb (flashing colours), Pulsating (0,1,2..100..2,1,0), Strobe (flashing), RGB strobe (flashing RGB colours), Paparazzi (Flashing), Emergency Mode (Yellow Flashing), H/L BEAM (Auto Flashing), Red Flash (Red Flashing), Green Flash (Green Flashing), Blue Flash (Blue Flashing), HSI Slow (Automatic Colour Changing HSI), HSI Fast ( Automatic fast change of HSI colours).

Do you have a great idea for a multi-coloured set lighting?

With manual settings in RGB mode, you can light the scene exactly to your liking. Manual RGB mode gives you the full spectrum of colours, editable in individual 360 hues. All quickly, easily and efficiently, including setting the intensity (saturation) of the selected light colour. You can thus create a breathtaking atmosphere, express your style or let your creativity run wild and enjoy playing with colours and scene lighting. Now you might be wondering what could be done with multiple RGBWW panels with different colour settings? For example, photos like from a fashion catalogue or a car showroom. Set up two panels with different RGB settings to take the best photo of your life. Don’t be shy to experiment and use several panels to contrast each other in many colours.

Shoot at any time of the day with a day or night lighting simulation

The ShiftCam RGBWW LED panel also includes a CCT mode suitable for classic portraits and vlogs. A photo taken at night that looks like it was taken at high noon, or a candlelit photo even though it's daytime? With the ShiftCam RGBWW LED panel you can do the impossible. This LED panel can emit light from the coolest to the warmest tone and you can manually adjust it exactly according to the current need in the range of 2500-9000K.


Perfectly highlighted of colours thanks to CRI95+

What is the normal lighting around us? A common LED bulb has a CRI of approximately 85, a fluorescent lamp of 80, and sodium-vapor lamps are almost new, so the human eye can hardly tell any difference in the shades of individual colours. The ShiftCam RGBWW LED panel can illuminate the photographed location and highlight the maximum colour depth and details in contrast, so that the resulting photo looks like a professional photographer took it.

Light your sets exactly how it’s perceived by the human eye

This colour model most closely matches human colour perception. Unlike RGB and CMYK, which are defined in relation to primary colours, HSV is defined in a way that is similar to what the human eye perceives. Colour consists of three components (but they are not basic colours like RGB), which are Hue, Saturation, and Intensity. Artists, filmmakers, and photographers prefer HSI, HSV, and HSL colour models over models like RGB or CMYK because HSI, HSV, and HSL more closely match human colour perception and separate hue from base colour individually.

Perfect companion for any occasion

Portable, with compact dimensions and great battery life - all this makes this panel a handy helper for any digital creators. Thanks to the powerful 3100mAh battery, it lasts 2-15 hours on a single charge, depending on the selected brightness level. You can supply juice to the battery in no time via the USB-C cable.


Compatible with other accessories

Its flexible and versatile Cold Shoe adapter can be attached to DSLRs and tripods in both portrait and landscape orientations. If you already know and use accessories from ShiftCam, then know that this panel is also fully compatible with the ProGrip starter kit. This way you can easily expand the creative possibilities of your devices.

Cold Shoe - special quick-release attachment

The package also includes a Cold Shoe adapter - a special quick-clamping attachment with which you can attach the Shiftcam RGBWW panel to any standardized accessory. Photographers most often connect Cold Shoe adapters to SLR cameras and video cameras. The ideal connection will also be offered by the ShiftCam ProGrip which will provide your mobile with great stability and an additional source of energy so that your photos are similar to those in a photo studio. You can also use the Cold Shoe adapter to mount an additional microphone. ShiftCam also has an extensive range of additional lenses. every Shiftcam product will always be a solid foundation in your professional mobile photography set-up.

Global warranty with ShiftCam card

ShiftCam has been the choice of photography professionals for many years. Part of the nomadic lifestyle of photographers is of course traveling around the world, because capturing the best photos is strongly linked to choosing the right location. Capturing the local lifestyle, architecture and monuments, or natural attractions requires constant searching and traveling. With the ShiftCam card for international warranty claims, you are no longer limited by anything and can travel the world to capture your life’s work. Without worrying that in the event of any technical problems you would have to return to the country in which the ProLED RGBWW panel was purchased. To claim the warranty, just scan the QR code from the warranty card, enter the basic data for customer registration, and you are all set to claim the warranty anywhere. How simple! Another bonus is the dimensions of the ShiftCam warranty card. Thanks to it being the dimensions of a regular credit card, it can be conveniently stored in your wallet for all occasions.

Feature overview

  • 20 preset modes for taking photos or recording videos
  • Manual RGB, CCT and HSI mode
  • Compact and portable LED panel
  • Ideal for filming and creative photography
  • RGB mode: 360 colour shades with fully adjustable brightness
  • CCT mode: white light illumination with fully adjustable brightness and colour temperature
  • HSI mode: human eye colour perception with fully adjustable brightness
  • Compatible with any standard Cold Shoe attachment
  • Technical specifications

  • Colour rendering index CRI 95 Ra
  • Input: 8 W/5 V/1.6 A
  • Output: 8W/3.7V/2.16 A
  • Battery capacity: 3100mAh/11.47wH
  • Brightness - distance: 0.3 m/0.5 m/1 m
  • Brightness: 1150 LUX/550 LUX/180 LUX
  • Colour temperature: 2500-6500 K
  • Battery life: strongest intensity: up to 2 h, dimmed intensity: up to 15 h
  • Package contents

  • LED light panel
  • Standard cold shoe attachment
  • USB-C to USB-C charging cable
  • Warranty card
  • Dokumentation

  • Manual in English
  • ShiftCam logo

    ShiftCam was founded in early 2017 with the goal of helping users reinvent mobile photography and make it even more convenient, compact and more complex. Its founders believe that the ability to take a perfect photo or video should be available to everyone, not just professionals. That's why it tries to support the smoothest possible transition from a smartphone to a professional camera with its sophisticated mobile accessories. Thanks to it, everyone can simply pick up their smartphone and capture precious memories in a creative way.
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