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Half physical, half virtual. Such is the children's game STEM Wiz Plugo from Shifu. During the game, children unknowingly learn new knowledge and improve their cognitive abilities. Augmented reality technology quickly draws them into action and uses a nonviolent method to make them think of finding a suitable solution to the situation on the screen.

The STEM Wiz kit contains three sets - mathematical, verbal and constructional. The kit also includes a game pad with a slot for holding a tablet. All sets connect the real world with the virtual one on the screen of a tablet or mobile phone.

The Plugo Letters kit effectively develops vocabulary, teaches children to read and play, and is also suitable for teaching a foreign language. In the Plugo Count kit, children will learn to solve simple mathematical puzzles and experience space adventures. In Plugo Link mode, they develop logical thinking and spatial imagination using magnetic hexagons.

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Tablet in children's hands

Whether we like it or not, modern technology has become an integral part of our lives. Those who learn to make full use of technology’s possibilities have won. Most children in our country understand how to play with devices from an early age. Of course, the creators of Shifu are aware of this and therefore come up with an innovative set of games that not only draw children into the action, but also teach them a lot of new things, improve their cognitive abilities, and develop logical thinking.

Modern form of teaching - STEM

The form of STEM teaching is not very widespread in the Czech Republic yet, however, it is a modern way of teaching, which you can meet, for example, in a leisure hobby group. STEM stands for four disciplines - science, engineering, technology and mathematics. In classical education, these sciences are taught independently, modern STEM teaching works on the interconnection of these subjects and the practical solution of the problem in context.

STEM and Shifu toys

You may be wondering what the above-mentioned form of teaching has to do with children's play. The creators from the Shifu focus on interactive and non-violent education. Therefore, children unknowingly learn while playing, without feeling that it is a matter of teaching. Shifu directs children's interest in science and technology and improves their orientation in modern technology. Children are then able to apply the acquired knowledge in solving problems in everyday life.

Language availability and connectivity

Shifu Plugo is undoubtedly a great tool for a modern style of foreign language learning. It is available in English, Japanese, French, German, Polish, Dutch, Chinese and Korean.

Plugo comes with a folding game board and game sets. Simply insert a tablet or compatible mobile phone into the slot on the game board. No cables, no batteries, no Bluetooth connectivity.

Download the Plugo app and follow the on-screen instructions. During the initial setup, enter data that will adapt the individual games to the age of your children. You can create a multiplayer account. Then all you have to do is synchronize the Plugo sets, unfold the magnetic pad and insert the device with the application into it. Leave the choice of game to the children themselves…

Wiz Plugo kit contains

  • Magnetic pad for holding the tablet
  • Plugo Letters
  • Plugo Count
  • Plugo Link

  • Plugo Letters

    Bring stories to life on the screen with Plugo Letters. Children will learn to spell perfectly, letter by letter. They will expand their vocabulary and improve their grammar. The set offers four different games, pronounces each correctly composed word aloud, pays attention to the correct phonetics and transcription, teaches the correct word order in a sentence. The set will then grind more demanding levels into grammatical concepts, where the children will be introduced antonyms, words with the same root, prepositions and so on.

    Due to the fact that the game is available in foreign languages, it is suitable for properly fixing the basics of the language. With Plugo Letters, children can easily penetrate the secrets of English at an early age and learn the basics of grammar.

    Plugo Count

    The innovative game Plugo Count draws children into the secrets of mathematics. Boring mechanical counting of examples turns into solving more complex examples. Help the astronaut to fly through the entire solar system, find your way through the fairy tale forest. Hands are always actively used in the game, which makes it easier to memorize the acquired knowledge.

    With Plugo Count, children will improve their logical thinking and critical thinking, learn to find the key to the problem on their own, practice mathematical problems and calculations, and then be able to independently solve problems that stand in their way.

    The game contains 1 stand for numbers, 2 sets of numbers from 0 to 9 and 4 signs (+, -, /, x).

    Plugo Link

    The Plugo Link set consists of 15 magnetic hexagons. It offers 6 different games with more than 300 different levels. It is intended for children aged 5-10.

    The game is based on the Hands On Experience, children always use their hands when playing. Thanks to this, they focus more on solving the assigned task, they gain knowledge and experience more easily and they remember everything better. Assemblying of animal shapes according to the pattern, constructing of pipes, fire extinguishing. These are the challenges that await your little ones in Plugo Link.

    PlayShifu - winner of the Smart Toy Award

    Compatible with…

  • iOS devices - iPad 5 and later, iPad Mini 2 and later, iPad Air, iPad Pro (all models except 12.9‘‘), iPhone 6 and later
  • Samsung devices - 2015 and later with 2 GB RAM and higher (Samsung Tab A7, A 10.5, S7 and S7+ are not supported)
  • Lenovo devices - 2017 and later with 2 GB RAM and higher (Lenovo Tab M10 (HD & FHD) and P11 are not supported)
  • Amazon Fire devices - Fire 7 - 2019, Fire 8 - 2018, 2020; Fire 10 is not supported

  • Download the application and start immediately

    aplikace OrbootWell prepared accompanying app in English. Available for iOS (from version 9.0; compatible with iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch) a Android (from version 4.4). No 3rd party ads. Allows you to purchase additional game modes to the basic one.


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    The Shifu brand has been built by an enthusiastic team of parents, early learning professionals, innovators, and technologists whose diverse knowledge and interests fit together as efficiently as all parts of their kits. Together they aim to connect children's games and meaningful and rewarding learning. Since 2016, they have been getting better and better thanks to discovering endless childhood imagination using the latest technology.
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