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Artifeel presents its Bluetooth badge – a novelty created at the request of Check'In users. It works perfectly alone, but the badge adds new features that firmly establish the smart alarm as the best alarm system for your home and other facilities.

With an Artifeel badge, you get a simple check of who has been in a secure location and how long they've stayed. You can even review all this activity back in the app. It also brings the possibility of activating a security mode. In which an alert is triggered every time a door is opened, and Check'In doesn't detect any badge in its vicinity. This is useful for restricting access to only authorized people and alerting those who should stay outside. The detected proximity of a badge has another consequence – Check'In does not trigger any alerts, allowing workers to go about their duties undisturbed.

The Bluetooth badge conveniently attaches to a key ring thanks to its mini size. Pair it with the Check'In or Check'In Pro app and assign it to a specific smart alarm. You can also permanently remove it from connected devices in the case of loss or theft.

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Made on users' request

When Artifeel launched its Check'In AI smart alarm in 2021, it revolutionized the way we do things. Since then, its developers have been collecting tips and recommendations from users on how to make the alarm system even better. The result of their joint efforts is the Bluetooth badge – a small access badge that has added several more features to Check'In.

Access control and records

The Bluetooth badge is not an access badge in the traditional sense. You don't have to put it on Check'In at all. Just attach it to your keys. Thanks to the 10-meter Bluetooth range, the smart alarm detects the badge when the door is opened and records the time it happened. This record is then displayed in the event history, which can also be viewed back in the app. This makes it very easy to control who has entered the secure area and how long they stayed.


Control of authorized access and reduction of false alarms

Activation of the "security mode" directly in the application can be considered as a kind of extension of normal control. This stricter mode ensures that an alert is triggered whenever a door is opened and no badge is detected by Check'In in the vicinity. You can use this new tool to restrict access to authorized persons only. At the same time, you will always be alerted to the presence of those who should instead stay outside the closed door. Detecting the proximity of a badge has one more consequence – Check'In will not trigger any warnings there. This helps to reduce false alarms, allows staff to go about their business in peace, and saves you from strained nerves.

Simple badge management in the app

To activate the Bluetooth badge, you must pair it with the Check'In app or Check'In Pro app. You can conveniently manage multiple badges, name them to make navigating them as easy as possible and assign them to any Check'In device in the app. You can just as easily remove them permanently from configured devices. This will come in handy when a badge is stolen or lost.

Features summary

  • Bluetooth badge
  • Compatible with Artifeel Check'In (including previously sold)
  • No need to touch the smart alarm
  • Access and history check in the app
  • Restrict access to authorized persons only
  • Block alerts in the detected presence of the badge
  • Practical mini size
  • Quick pairing with Check'In app or its professional version Check'In Pro app
  • Possibility to permanently remove from the allowed in case of loss or theft
  • Technical specifications

  • Material: ABS
  • Power: CR2032 battery with 14 months lifetime
  • Weight: 10g with battery
  • IP rating: IP44
  • BLE 5.0 2.4 GHz connectivity
  • Range 10m in open space

  • Artifeel logo

    Founded in January 2021, Artifeel is a fast-growing French developer and manufacturer of Check'In, the first revolutionary smart security product that recognizes everything that happens at your door. Although it uses the most advanced technology and artificial intelligence, it places a huge emphasis on the ease of use of its products. As a result, even less technologically skilled individuals can enjoy their benefits, especially seniors who are among the most vulnerable.
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