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There are plenty of offers in the field of security systems. Still, they all have common limitations - they are expensive, complicated to install, and they require an electrical connection and access to Wi-Fi. And once you don't activate them, it's as if you don't have any. The Check'In smart alarm from French company Artifeel revolutionizes this situation.

As the "Artifeelers" themselves say, their alarm is the first one you can forget about – in the best way! It's 100% autonomous, works 24/7 without your contribution, and requires no keypad or codes, Wi-Fi, and electricity. It features artificial intelligence that detects only suspicious movement and door vibrations to alert you via app notification.

The alarm, in the form of a small box, is powered by 2 batteries with a lifespan of 2 years. Its playful Stick&Play design promises maximum installation speed. Because it doesn't require a Wi-Fi or power connection, you can place it on even the most remote door and door of a storage area, workshop, garage, shed, or caravan. Its versatility has also won over professional users. They can use a special web portal and the PRO version of the application for multiple alarm management. These two platforms are enhanced by a range of professional functionalities.

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No electricity. No Wi-Fi. No problem.

Technological gadgets make our lives easier in many ways, but the security and alarm sector seems to be waiting for a major revolution. Artifeel has quit that waiting and introduced its smart alarm as a small box. Check'In overcomes the limitations of current security systems - the need to connect to the power grid, access to Wi-Fi, complex installation, user activity, and high operating costs. Because of these limitations, security often didn't work, failed, was unaffordable for many users, or didn't suit the most vulnerable group – the elderly. With Artifeel, you won't be surprised by any hidden fees or the high price of monitoring services. Your only investment for the functioning of the alarm will be a connectivity subscription. It is already included in the product price for the first 24 months. The app will notify you when your subscription is coming to an end via notification. In the app, you can also purchase an extension for the next 24 months for 3,99 EUR/month.

The endless number of use cases

The presence of the electrical grid and Wi-Fi connectivity has defined uncompromisingly the assets that could be secured. However, Check'In is the only alarm for even the most remote locations. It has a constant 100% connection to the 4G network to protect your storage area, workshop, garage, shed, or caravan. Optimal network coverage is guaranteed by the use of SIM cards from multiple operators in over 100 countries. The operation of this SIM card is free of any charges, which is another very important benefit for the user. Check'In is powered by 2 non-rechargeable batteries 3V Lithium Manganese Dioxide with an expected lifetime of up to 2 years. Other than changing them, this smart box does not require your activity.


Equipped with artificial intelligence

Check'In is the first alarm in the world to have integrated artificial intelligence. AI accurately analyzes door movements and vibrations detected by multiple sensors. This analysis runs, of course, non-stop. Burglary attempts, broken locks, hard knocks, normal openings – all are understood and acted upon by the AI. If it doesn't identify the activity as suspicious, it saves you from false alarms and the nerves that come with them. Otherwise, it triggers a chain of actions that alerts you to a potentially dangerous situation and allows you to act quickly.

Notification to you, SMS to emergency contacts

The transmission of the evaluated AI information is performed by the latest generation dual-core microprocessor and a high-performance LTE-M / NB-IoT modem. Once Check'In detects an attempted intrusion, it will play a voice alert notification that the property is protected and a siren will be triggered. The siren sounds 10 seconds later, for 3 minutes. Its signal volume is 90 dB. The alarm also makes a 15-second audio recording, which it sends to you instantly via the app along with the notification. It also notifies your emergency contacts, which you set up in the app, of a potentially dangerous event via a classic SMS. At this point, you have exactly 1 minute to verify from the received audio that it is not a false alarm.


Easy operation and installation

The smart Artifeel alarm is autonomous and does not require any input from you to be operative. There is no need to manually activate it or enter various codes on the keypad. This unique feature brings great relief to Check'In users. After all, how many times does it happen that we mistakenly enter the PIN incorrectly? Or do not turn on the home security system because "we'll be back in a minute"? Its complete independence from human intervention also makes it ideal for individuals who aren't comfortable with technological innovations. You don't even need to be particularly skilled to install it. Thanks to the Stick&Play design, just stick the box on your door or gate and pair it with the Check'In app or its professional version Check'In Pro. Your non-stop protection is secured from that moment on. Don't worry about Check'In disturbing your interior. Its size is comparable to today's smartphones, and its sleek, minimalist design will complete your home tastefully, whatever its style.


Check’In for your business

Check'In has become the favorite solution for professionals to protect their places of business. Artificial intelligence helps them by taking away tedious tasks and minimizing the cost of security and external remote monitoring. A smart alarm covers 3 basic needs – monitoring, security, and maintenance. It detects opening/closing of doors and logs traffic in secured areas. It takes care of the protection and monitoring of property and vacant, even the most isolated. And last but not least, it can warn in case of material wear. Did you know that 99% of false alarms are caused by the mishandling of alarms and incorrect entry codes? Check'In eliminates this danger as well. For professionals, Artifeel has prepared a special Check'In Pro app and a web portal. These platforms will offer a range of handy extra tools and greatly simplify the management of even many Check'In devices in use at once. Check'In web portal can be found right here.

Features summary

  • Smart alarm in the form of a small box
  • 100% autonomous, no Wi-Fi or electricity required
  • Functional 24/7 without user intervention
  • Constant 100% connection to the 4G network, SIM card from multiple operators - no operational fees
  • Built-in artificial intelligence models and sensors
  • Continuous door vibration analysis
  • Notification of suspicious movement
  • Audio recording
  • Integrated siren - 90 dB
  • Quick pairing with Check'In or its professional version Check'In Pro
  • A web portal dedicated to professionals for easier alarm management
  • Easy to use
  • Power supply: 2 non-rechargeable batteries 3V Lithium Manganese Dioxide
  • Battery life of 2 years
  • Stick&Play design for easy installation
  • Compact size comparable to a smartphone
  • LTE-M, NB-IoT, and BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy) connectivity
  • Operating temperature: -10°C/+50°C
  • Dimensions: 120 x 72 x 31 mm
  • Weight: 218 g
  • Colour: grey
  • Package contents

  • Check’In smart alarm
  • Alarm base
  • Security belt
  • 2 x batteries
  • Documentation

  • Instructions for installation and pairing with the Check'In app
  • Instructions for installation and pairing with the Check'In app Pro

  • Artifeel logo

    Founded in January 2021, Artifeel is a fast-growing French developer and manufacturer of Check'In, the first revolutionary smart security product that recognizes everything that happens at your door. Although it uses the most advanced technology and artificial intelligence, it places a huge emphasis on the ease of use of its products. As a result, even less technologically skilled individuals can enjoy their benefits, especially seniors who are among the most vulnerable.
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