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The Intelino school set is a set of locomotives with cars, as you know it from the classic starter set, but in an elegant bag in which 4 locomotives, 4 cars and 4 sets of tracks are waiting for you. Kids have been playing with trains for generations and this set will teach them the basics of STEM activities in a simple and playful way.

Entertains the youngest, but also older children and pupils
The Smart Train School Kit is designed to streamline the use of Intelino's intelligent robotic trains in the classroom.
This 4-piece kit includes all the features and accessories to deploy smart trains quickly at the start of the classroom. When class is over, students can easily pack the trains and tracks back into the molded plastic tray boxes and store everything in the included storage bag. The 4-port USB mains charger included.

Smart train track
The school set comes with 4 separate sets of tracks, which together with the smart train can be used by teaching groups of up to 3 students in total on one train with one set of tracks. Each set of tracks includes multiple track pieces to support a wide variety of activities and lessons for off-screen or monitor-connected learning. The individual track plans supported by each set are designed so that the track fits on an average-sized tabletop measuring 120 x 60 cm in schools.

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For individual students and large groups

For larger group projects, it is possible to combine multiple sets of tracks and trains that are part of individual sets. Additional Intelino track accessories such as ramps and support towers can be added to the sets and can be purchased separately. With these proven collaborations, students can build smart tracks and cities, and interactively program multiple trains using any of the 4 Intelino component programming modes.

The Classic Toy Train – Reinvented

Intelino J-1 Smart Train is designed to captivate and teach. It's a toy train that's intuitive and familiar, just like a classic playtime favorite. Yet it's a sophisticated and intelligent learning device, powered by advanced robotic technology.

We created this train to helps kids get smarter and develop coding and STEM skills while they are simply having fun!

Mixed-reality Games

Mix, match and expand train play! Intelino has it's smart tracks, but it is also made compatible with most classic wooden train systems.

Get the free Intelino mobile app (iOS and Android) and learn to drive like a Pro using the Autopilot and Manual drive modes.

Control the train using small colored tiles called action snaps. Command include movement, speed, steering and more.

Meet the Intelino Smart Train

Learning to code has never been easier

Learning to code and STEM have never been this easy. It's not intimidating to get started, it's engaging and super fun!

Intelino can be fully programmed using Scratch 3.0. At home or at school, coding and trains are perfect match.

Use the app-based Snap Editor to create custom action snap commands and get more control. Store your commands on the train instantly with a press of a button.

Classic Meets Modern

Thoroughly optimized for the smart train, intelino tracks offer smart features, superior performance and ease-of-use. Intelino tracks have built-in slots for Action Snaps and are dual-sided for versatility in layout designs.

Track Extension Pack lets you create larger and more intricate track designs and extend play possibilities. Universal track adapters are sold separately and you can find them here.

Smart train is compatible with most traditional wooden train systems from BRIO, IKEA, Thomas & Friends and other brands. Universal track adapters are sold separately and you can find them here.

Get the intelino smart train app

Intelino Smart Train app lets you gain even more control over the smart train and its many functions using a Bluetooth-enabled smart device. Available on Apple iOS and Android, the intelino app is supported on most smart phones and tablets that have Bluetooth 4.0 or newer. The app can be downloaded on the App Store and Google Play. You don't have to worry about updates, because the train's firmware is updated by over-the-air technology.

Need more help?

  • Getting Started. Learn how to use the smart train, its basic features and play modes.
  • Action Snap Commands. Learn about Action Snap commands, basic command rules and tips.
  • Intelino App. Learn about the app-connected experience with the smart train and the app's features.
  • Programming with Scratch. Learn how to program intelino using Scratch 3.0.

  • Intelino LAB

    Aplikace Intelino a Snap Editor

    Your free source of downloadable and printable K-12 activities, lessons, programs & teacher resources for the intelino smart train. Lessons are aligned to CSTA, ISTE, NGSS and many other national and international standards. Go to Intelino lab here.

    What's in the box?

  • 1 smart engine
  • 1 wagon
  • 20 tracks
  • 40 color snaps
  • Train decals
  • USB charging cable

  • Main features

  • Robust and durable ABS and polycarbonate shell
  • More than 100 minutes of operation per charge
  • The multifunction button switches the engine on and off and controls additional functions
  • LED indication of battery status: low battery – red, full charge – green
  • Color LED lights can be controlled with the app
  • LEDs on the roof for feedback (start, stop, acceleration, etc.)
  • Built-in Speaker for sound effects
  • High speed DC motor drives the train in both directions
  • Front chromatic sensor scans color markers
  • Also runs on most wooden rails (IKEA, Brio, Woody, etc.)
  • Smart Coupler: electromagnetic clutch is controlled by sensors or app

  • Technical specifications

  • Smart locomotive is powered by 32-bit ARM processor
  • Wireless control for 9 meters with Bluetooth Smart 4.2
  • Three-axis accelerometer
  • Durable transmission assembly with electromagnetic clutch mechanism
  • Motion sensors
  • Top speed 100 cm/sec
  • Li-Po rechargeable battery (micro USB port at the rear of the locomotive)
  • Charging via USB – micro USB cable
  • Over-the-air firmware actualization

  • Documents

  • Legal guide with important safety and regulatory instructions
  • Intelino action snap command reference sheet (ENG)
  • User manual for Intelino smart train in PDF format in English

  • logo Intelino

    Intelino is a start-up company based in Los Angeles, California. Intelino team is on a mission to help kids play smarter. They hope you'll join them on their journey to help prepare our children for the jobs of tomorrow.

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