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Become a pilot of a cool car! Everyone knows that remote control cars are fun, but Kobotix has raised the bar even higher with Real Racer! Real Racer puts you in the driver's seat and lets you experience every detail, pothole, twist, turn and 360-degree rotation with the help of a video feed from the car. The clever companion app also lets you record videos, take photos from the race and even show off your driving skills live on your favourite streaming platforms. The app also offers several video filters that instantly transform the world you're driving your car through. Finally, some fun!

Real Racer can really turn it up a notch - it'll top out at up to 15 km/h! Thanks to all-wheel drive and independent suspension, the car remains perfectly stable even at high speeds. The integrated on-board gyroscope helps you stay on track even in the sharpest turns or on the slipperiest surfaces. The car is powered by rechargeable batteries with 25 minutes of driving time per charge.

Unique Real Racer features just for you! :
• Speed up to 15 km/h!
• Integrated on-board gyroscope
• 25 minutes of driving time per charge
• Independent all-wheel suspension
• Minimal latency and HD video resolution
• Video filters directly in the app

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Real Racer

Race like a real Rally

Car racing is now available for everyone! Or at least a safe experience closer to them than the front row. It's brought to you by Real Racer, a remote control car with a live view that conveys the track from the driver's perspective! Just download the companion app and watch the streamed image on your smartphone.

Real Racer

The first-person experience

You can perfect the illusion of being directly behind the wheel by inserting your device into a special headset. It perfectly isolates the surrounding sensations and gives you an unobstructed view of the racetrack. Enjoy every corner and goosebump-inducing acceleration on the straights while watching premium quality video. With its 720p HD resolution and low latency of ~100ms, it is among the absolute best in its class.

Real Racer

Unlock more fantastic features with the app

Available for free on Android and iOS devices, the Real Racer app is also your ticket to the race car enthusiast community! For example, start by uploading your races and sharing your fastest laps with friends via the app. In addition to videos, you can also take and save photos to your phone or microSD card. But your connection with others doesn't have to end there!

Real Racer

The world's first RC car with live streaming on Twitch, YouTube and Facebook Live

Real Racer is the world's first RC car that lets you live stream your race on Twitch, YouTube, Facebook Live and many other platforms! Viewers around the world can tune in and admire your driving skills in real time!

Get ready for Real Racer - a new RC driving experience:

Super-powered battery for a smooth ride

Real Racer is powered by a replaceable rechargeable battery with up to 25 minutes of driving time. No need to worry about a thing, as both the battery and its USB charger are included. Simply unpack the Real Racer, top up a full tank of electricity and you're off across the racetrack for a new driving experience from the driver's perspective.

All-wheel drive for driving at the limits of human capability

Everyone has imagined driving a car like an action hero in a movie at least once in their lifetime. Unfortunately, that plan was never safe, but with the arrival of Real Racer, everything changes. Front-wheel drive wouldn't be bad at all. We know rear-wheel drive from some of the older race cars. But which drive is best? Well, all-wheel drive, because you need perfect power transfer to the road surface to bounce off the ground. That's exactly what all-wheel drive gives you. With all-wheel drive, you'll launch off the line like a rocket!

Real Racer

Connect to friends and players around the world

Play with whoever is online right now. Create and join online gaming parties and make the most of Real Racer's multimedia and communication capabilities. Find rivals or teammates around the world and share the Real Racer driving experience with them.

Real Racer

Racing video filters right in the app? Finally!

To make matters worse, the clever app also includes a gallery of cool filters that you can apply to the video you view, and stream your creation straight to all gaming platforms. In no time at all, you'll be transported to a whole new environment where driving your car takes on a whole new dimension!

Race with your buddies anywhere, even in the office:

What's under the hood of a race car

If you dare to go full throttle, you can take this ride at speeds of up to 15 km/h! The real racer hides a super-powerful engine that lets it accelerate as fast as any real car can. The racing RC model is lightweight for even better acceleration.

Real Racer

Every racer loves the independent all-wheel suspension

With fully independent all-wheel suspension, you don't have to be reluctant to race on even the most challenging tracks. Sometimes the impatient racer is limited by the track surface, but that's not the case with Real Racer! It can handle most surfaces - from carpet to marble to grass. You'll be in full control of the car no matter how difficult the terrain.

On-board gyro balancing for perfect cornering

The on-board gyroscope also contributes greatly to the car's stability. It helps you stay on track even in the steepest turns and on the slipperiest surfaces. It optimises the car's balance to keep it stable in the most difficult conditions and on any surface. Real Racer will do anything for the best driving experience.

Integrated gyroscope for perfect stabilization:

Wi-Fi car connection with a range of up to 30 metres

Kobotix developers have improved the Wi-Fi range of the Real Racer car to 30 metres, allowing you to start your ride in the kitchen and finish it in the garden without having to get up from your comfy racing sofa. With a range of 30 metres, you can build a track up to 60 metres in diameter around you. The only prerequisite is to drive the Real Racer from the imaginary centre of the track. This will give you the best results and the longest range for your Real Racer.

App download

aplikace REAL RACER
The amazingly exciting REAL RACER game app is a free download for smartphones and tablets running iOS and Android. The minimum system version requirements are iOS 11 and Android 5.0.

Summary of features:

  • Remote-controlled car with live preview
  • Racing experience from the driver's perspective
  • HD 720p video with low latency ~100ms
  • Connects to the app to get advanced features
  • Ability to take photos/video and save media to smartphone or microSD card
  • Real-time video streaming capability on popular platforms
  • Supported platforms: YouTube, Discord, Reddit, Twitch, Instagram and Facebook Live
  • Ability to apply filters to the live preview to instantly change the racing environment
  • Car speeds up to 15 km/h
  • All-wheel drive
  • Independent all-wheel suspension
  • Fully proportional 2.4GHz steering system
  • Range up to 30 m from the driver
  • Integrated on-board gyroscope for stability on any surface even in sharp turns
  • Powered by replaceable batteries with 25 minutes of driving time per charge
  • Colour: red
  • Car dimensions: 150 x 75 x 62 mm, scale 1:28
  • Package contents

  • Real Racer car
  • Control console
  • Headset
  • LiPo rechargeable battery
  • USB LiPo battery charger
  • Note: Mobile phone for inserting into FPV goggles is not included.
  • User manual
  • Documentation

  • User Manual

  • logo KOBOTIX
    Kobotix, a Hong Kong-based company, manufactures technology toys. Their specialty is those that offer their users a unique FPV experience, i.e. the first-person perspective. In 2018, the company kicked off a campaign on Kickstart to launch their flagship live-view car, the Real Racer. Its mission is obvious; to bring an alternative to current remote-controlled FPV cars that also offers great performance at an affordable price.
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