MiLi MiTag - Smart Locator with Leather Key Ring, Red

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MiLi comes with an idea that even small smart accessories can be beautiful and on top of that extremely powerful! An example is their MiTag - a practical Bluetooth locator the size of a regular coin.

Together with Apple's "Find My" application, MiTag becomes a great tool for tracking your belongings. You can easily view the location of marked items on a clear map. And once they are within a radius up to 120 m (depends on a particular conditions), a loud sound signal will help you in your search, which can be remotely triggered on the locator using the app. If, on the other hand, it is out of Bluetooth range, your MiTag can still be found thanks to the hundreds of millions of Apple devices anonymously connected to the network. All communication is encrypted, with complete respect for privacy.

Attach a locator to your keys that you loose from time to time. Put it on your backpack, purse, wallet or luggage to protect yourself from losing it. You can even hang it on your pet's collar, or your favorite bike, wallet, or even kayak and boat, thanks to the tag being waterproof. This way, you will always have them in sight and traceable in the event of loss or theft.

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MiLi MiTag - Smart Locator with Leather Key Ring

Find your belongings anytime, anywhere

Lost your wallet? Can't find your keys? Are you afraid that your luggage will get lost during your travels? No problem, with MiTag you'll never lose sight of them. You can attach this Bluetooth tracker to anything you need to keep an eye on. You can then easily locate objects using the app and view their location on the map. You can also activate sounds in the application. When your valuables are within 120 meters, the MiTag will play a loud enough beep to alert you of its presence. If, on the other hand, the locator gets out of Bluetooth range, it will send you a reminder (turn on this option in the notification settings beforehand) so that you can return for your things.

What if all iPhone users joined the search for your backpack? MiTag works wonders!

Your MiTag transmits an encrypted Bluetooth signal that can be picked up by nearby "Find My" network devices. These devices then send the last MiTag location to iCloud. When you then open the app, you will see the last location of the MiTag on the map. The entire mechanism is encrypted to protect your privacy. This signal transmission is also extremely economical, so you don't have to worry about the locator suddenly running out of battery. As with other Apple devices, you can also activate loss mode on the MiTag from MiLi. If any device on the network intercepts it using encrypted communication, you will immediately receive an automatic notification. Additionally, you can set your contact information to be displayed if someone approaches your tracker with an NFC-enabled smartphone.

Don’t look for it, find it! Wherever it is and even wet

Fast setup of a GPS locator in one minute? The dream came true!

All you need to prepare the locator for use is to download the free "Find My" app on your device and turn on Bluetooth. The app guides you through the connection of the MiTag with the smartphone, clearly and step by step. The whole process is intuitive and takes about one minute. Don't forget that you can connect up to 32 MiTags to one device.

A battery that last a whole year in use? Nothing is impossible with MiTag

The MiTag, like the Apple AirTag, works with a replaceable CR2032 battery. You can continuously check its condition in the app and replace it with a new one before its life ends. A long life of up to 12 months ensures that MiTag is always active when tracking objects and ready to help you find them. One battery is also included in the package.

For any weather with a free leather case

The package also includes a leather case with a keyring, which allows you to easily use the locator as a pendant. You can simply attach it to your keys, backpack, purse, luggage or even a dog collar. Thanks to the durable materials and an IP67 degree of protection, the MiTag is waterproof and protected against the ingress of dust. It will maintain its functionality even if you or your pet put it through a serious stress test or adverse weather conditions.

MiLi MiTag - Smart Locator with Leather Key Ring

Download the FindMy app for iOS directly from the AppStore

aplikace Backbone FindMy app for iOS mobile phones. Using the original Apple application, you can take full advantage of all the interesting functions of the unique MiLi GPS tag. Find your MiTag locator quickly and easily with the latest version of FindMy. Turn on the remote sound signalling or follow the direction of where to go for your MiTag GPS receiver on the phone screen.


The product is only suitable for iOS devices. It supports iOS 14.5.0 and above. Android is not supported.

Feature overview

  • Bluetooth object locator
  • Elegant design and minimalist dimensions
  • Works with Find My and Siri
  • Ease to use, very fast setup with the app
  • Instantly shows the location of marked objects
  • Exceptionally long BT signal range, up to 120 m depending on the situation
  • A loud sound signal activated via the app will help in tracking
  • Possibility to connect up to 32 MiTags to 1 mobile device
  • Apple MFi certificate
  • Waterproof (IPX67 degree of protection)
  • Keyring and leather case for easier attachment of the MiTag to objects
  • Technical specifications

  • Replaceable CR2032 type battery
  • Loud sound signalling up to 80-100 dB
  • 1 year lifespan
  • Bluetooth range up to 120 meters
  • Dimensions: diameter 3,8 cm, width 0,9 cm
  • Weight: 49,9 g
  • Material: plastic
  • Colour: red
  • Documentation

  • Manual in EN

  • MiLi is a specialist in smart accessories that are small but incredibly powerful. It believes that technology should be convenient, innovative and accessible to everyone. That's why it designs minimalist products that can significantly simplify life. They are always made of the highest quality materials that guarantee their longevity and durability, and thanks to Apple authorization you can fully trust them. MiLi aims to offer its supporters affordable solutions that deliver exceptional value without compromising quality.

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