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Ozobot and Arduino are global stars in STEAM education, helping to educate a new generation of young programming and robotics enthusiasts. They open doors to the world of creative games, develop logical reasoning, critical thinking, and teamwork skills, and solve the most complex challenges funnily. On top of that, they have a strong community of supporters behind them where everyone, including newcomers, can find support and inspiration. Their combination could only result in something truly extraordinary!

The first result of this collaboration is the Ozobot Bit+ Classroom kit compatible with Arduino programming. It brings everything big teams need to take your first steps in this discipline – 12 mini robots, 12 sets 5 washable markers, and a brochure to help you slip into the Arduino IDE software programming smoothly. Its programming language is one of the easiest ever, and for this reason, the environment is hugely popular all over the world.

The Arduino IDE software can be easily downloaded to computers or laptops running Windows, macOS, or Linux. You will find a package of several programs already prepared for the Bit+ robot to make entering the world of programming with Arduino intuitive for students of all ages.

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Ozobot Bit+

Meet the playful mini-robot

Want a funny robot that fits in your pocket? Would you like to attract children to computer science? Do you enjoy new technologies and want to try programming? Start with Ozobot Bit+! It's a clever toy and a thoughtful learning tool suitable for leisure and school education across subjects and grades. The little bot will win you over with its cuteness and surprising skills. For this model of robot, you can create a program in the Arduino IDE software. Sound complicated? Don't worry about it at all. The enclosed booklet quickly introduces you to programming. From a young age, you can help children develop their creativity, critical thinking, teamwork, coding, and problem-solving skills.

Ozobot Arduino at heart

Programming with Arduino IDE software

Arduino is an open electronic platform based on a simple computer board (hardware) and a development environment used to create software. It is this development environment – the Arduino IDE - that is relevant for Ozobot programming. The software can be downloaded for free on any Windows, Linux, and macOS device. In it, you follow the instructions to install a package of ready-made sample programs that have been designed specifically for the Bit+ robot. Using a USB cable, you connect your device and Ozobot, load the selected program, and let the robot execute it. Are you ready for the next challenge? Start creating your funny programs! For this, you will use the Arduino programming language (based on the Wiring language). It's admittedly a bit more complex than Python, but it's still one of the most enjoyable. Its knowledge can open up many fascinating horizons and possibilities for students in the future!

The older Bit+ Classroom kit is also compatible with Arduino, but only through installing the Arduino IDE packages to override the Bit+ firmware. This kit, however, does not require firmware rewriting and is compatible with Arduino out of the box. In addition, it includes a booklet specifically dedicated to working with this software.

Everything you need to start programming

This kit for classrooms and after-school groups comes with everything big teams need to get right down to the fun of coding. Alongside 12 Ozobot Bit+, you'll find a set of activities to help you get into the coding. There are also 12 sets of washable markers. Several colorful stickers will also make the little programmers happy. The wireless charging matrix also comes in handy. It has a low profile and modest dimensions so that it never gets in the way.

Ozobot awards

STEAM educational device for modern schools

Ozobot and Arduino are both global stars of STEAM education in polytechnics. The concept focuses on four disciplines – Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics, and Arts. But don't look for a classical way of education behind it. Instead, it aims to address real-world challenges, emphasizes critical and creative thinking, and does not leave out the ability to master language, formulate ideas, and present them confidently. The playful Ozobot and user-friendly Arduino are ideal for this type of education. The range of topics you can cover from each discipline with a robot and this open electronic platform is extremely broad. And it's well-noticed by the professional public too! Ozobot has been collecting prestigious awards in the field of education and technology for many years. Arduino is not left behind! For example, at the world's leading educational technology exhibition BETT 2024 in London, it was among the finalist projects in 3 categories, and it won two of them!

Lesson portal and community support

Not sure if you can come up with interesting and subtle enough tasks for kids to do with Bit+ on your own? Don't worry! An online library of lessons for educational institutions (in English) is available to you. Lessons are tagged according to difficulty and focus and, most importantly, more are added regularly! On the manufacturer's website , you can find many other tips. Another source of inspiration is the fantastic community of educators who teach a wide range of subjects and share their ideas and plans. The Ozobot community is very active and constantly evolving. That's why we can only recommend watching the teacher webinars as well. Also, Arduino has a very strong fan base. Its members give each other advice, help, and share their ideas and projects. They are active on the forums which can be found directly on the Arduino website, or Discord. You can also join organized user groups.

3D print

What's next? Expand your kit with entertaining 3D prints

Do you have a 3D printer? Then you can directly download, share, and print your accessories from the Ozobot 3D CAD library! The library offers a variety of free 3D printable designs to enhance STEAM learning with robots. There are already several models available and more will be added. For example, you can print a case or helmet for your robot. Let him play sports, print a hockey stick with a puck, and organize your tournament with your kids. You can also use the designs to print trolleys, all sorts of barrels, and other loads, even the shovel of a digger! With such equipment, turn your bot into the handiest helper in building your town!

PSSST! We also know of other fantastic products that Ozobot is now working on. And just a glimpse under the hood promises big things!

Features summary

  • Classroom kit of essential supplies to start programming
  • Suitable for larger teams and hobby groups
  • Ideal for STEAM modern education
  • Develops logic, creativity, and problem-solving skills
  • Compatible with ArduinoTM

  • Note: The older Bit+ Classroom kit is also compatible with Arduino, but only through installing the Arduino IDE packages to override the Bit+ firmware. This kit, however, does not require firmware rewriting and is compatible with Arduino out of the box. In addition, it includes a booklet specifically dedicated to working with this software.

    Technical specifications

  • Wireless charging
  • Optical sensors
  • LED light
  • Playtime 240 minutes
  • Solid polycarbonate shell
  • Rechargeable LiPo battery (charging time 60 min.)
  • Possibility to connect Arduino IDE via USB
  • Larger design; solid polycarbonate shell
  • Package content

  • 12x Ozobot Bit+
  • 12x pack of double-sided markers
  • 1x wireless charging station
  • Stickers and accessories for the bots
  • Quick start guide
  • Documentation

  • Main differences Ozobot Evo and Bit+
  • External links

  • Library of lessons for teachers
  • Ozobot Classroom portal to facilitate STEM education
  • Instructional videos on Youtube
  • Game zone on Ozobot.com

  • logo Ozobot

    In 2012, Ozobot comes up with a new small robot prototype, and after 2 years of development, the robot is presented at the largest consumer electronics fair in Las Vegas. In the next years children and students all over the world quickly took a liking to. Since then, the Ozobot company has been making fun programmable robots for the next generation.

    The mission of Ozobots is to inspire young people to develop new technologies, instead of passively using them. Currently, the entire Ozobot concept perfectly fulfills the principles of STEAM education – linking polytechnic fields and a creative approach to develop a sustainable future.

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