Ozobot Crawler, 6 pack

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Are you ready to take your programming skills to the next level? Ozobot is proud to introduce the newest companion for Evo-Crawler! As kids design, assemble, and program it, they'll experience real-world challenges that will enhance their creativity, critical thinking, and problem-solving skills.

Ozobot Crawler offers a new perspective on Evo programming that forces students to think beyond the usual movements of the robot. The design reminds a beetle. You sit Evo on it and program it to move its new six legs. You can use the Ozobot Blockly editor based on block dragging or the Evo app. The crawler then sets about performing unique movements and actions! And you can get a closer look at the mechanical interplay of the components and the connection between Evo and its new mobile part.

Crawler comes in a box with six separate sets in sealed bags in three color variations. You can find support for your lessons with Crawler in the online library Ozobot Classroom.

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Ozobot crawler

Twist on Evo programming

The little robot Evo can do a lot – it plays various sounds and performs a light show and cool movements. But it can't climb taller obstacles on its own. Get him a new partner, Ozobot Crawler, to help extend his range of motion! The crawler's design is similar to a bug. It has six legs that move in different patterns depending on the type of programmed movement desired. Their coordination is provided by several connecting rods. The ends of the legs that touch the running surface are equipped with rubber rings for better traction. The saddle is an important part of the Crawler. The Evo clicks into it using a system of groove protrusions. Once it is firmly in place, nothing stops the energy from its drive wheels from being transferred to the new limbs!

Control Ozobot Crawler in two ways

Students can program Evo to move with its new legs in the Ozobot Blockly block dragging-based coding editor or by using the Evo Crawler Drive app controls. Whichever way they choose, Crawler provides endless opportunities for engagement and creativity development. Take the robot on an exciting ride, play with changing speed and direction of movement, and perform crazy dance creations! Watch as the different mechanical parts work together in perfect coordination.

Ozobot crawler

Encourage children's development in a fun way

The Crawler is ideal for students from third to eighth grade. Because it offers the new dynamics of Evo programming, it forces them to think beyond the ordinary movement of their bot. Thus, it can develop children's creativity, critical thinking, and problem-solving skills playfully. You can support your lessons with cross-disciplinary content available in the Ozobot Classroom online library. Students will learn many new skills as they assemble the Crawler themselves. This comes in a pack of six, individually wrapped in sealed bags. To make it even more fun to work with, Ozobot has included three vibrantly colored versions of the Crawler in each set. You can freely combine components from each bag to create your colorful models!

Assembling a Crawler is not hard at all! Simple instructions can be found the manual, and you can also follow the instructions in this video.

See how much fun it is with Ozobot's new buddy!

Features summary

  • Interactive educational tool
  • Hexapod beetle design
  • Extension of the movement possibilities of the bot Evo
  • Programmable in Ozobot Evo app and Ozobot Blockly editor
  • Develops children's creativity, critical thinking and problem-solving skills
  • Suitable for students in third through eighth grade
  • Supporting lessons available in Ozobot Classroom
  • Comes in 3 colors
  • Dimensions: 7,9 x 8 x 6,9 cm
  • Note: Not compatible with Ozobot Bit+
  • Package contents

  • Ozobot Crawler - 6 pieces
  • * The Evo robot is sold separately


  • Assembly instructions, operation – manual ENG

  • logo Ozobot

    In 2012, Ozobot comes up with a new small robot prototype, and after 2 years of development, the robot is presented at the largest consumer electronics fair in Las Vegas. In the next years children and students all over the world quickly took a liking to. Since then, the Ozobot company has been making fun programmable robots for the next generation.

    The mission of Ozobots is to inspire young people to develop new technologies, instead of passively using them. Currently, the entire Ozobot concept perfectly fulfills the principles of STEAM education – linking polytechnic fields and a creative approach to develop a sustainable future.
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