Ozobot Color Code Magnets, Base Kit, 36 Tiles

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The Ozobot magnetic set with colour codes is a very fun and interactive extension to Ozobot Bit+ or Evo, teaching pupils the principles of coding from pre-school age. The basic set includes a magnetic board, a marker (removable with water) and 36 puzzle pieces that, in conjunction with Ozobot robots, allow hands-on practice of basic coding and programming skills. Discover an effective way for students to practice their skills, create sequences of commands, work with logic, and strengthen problem-solving skills. The color-coded magnets are appropriately sized and easy to use. They are ideal for young learners who are just beginning to explore the world of coding.

Ozobot magnet sets are durable and long-lasting. Looking for another fun way to code? Buy the Special Moves expansion set and the Speed set, which are designed to be used as supplements to the basic set.

Great benefits of the Ozobot Magnetic Set:
• Ideal size
• Simple and fast handling
• Expandable with additional sets

Expansion Kits:
• Special moves
• Speed

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Ozobot Color Code Magnets, Base Kit

Complete Interactive Magnetic Set

The Ozobot Magnetic Kit is a fun and interactive way to teach students coding principles from preschool age. The basic kit includes a magnetic whiteboard, a marker (removable with water), plus 36 puzzle pieces that work in conjunction with the Ozobot Evo robot to provide hands-on learning of basic and advanced coding and programming concepts.

Education with sequencing, logic and finding solutions

The Ozobot Basic Magnetic Set is a combination of Ozobot colour codes and pieces to follow the route using the black line. It allows pupils to develop experience in a wide range of skills. The colour code and line magnets are appropriately sized and easy to use. They are easy to handle due to their handy size and are ideal for young learners who are just beginning to explore the world of interactive coding.

Quality and durability

The magnets in the Ozobot magnet set are designed with all students' needs in mind. They are resistant to light wear and have a long life. The quality materials used ensure that they can withstand wear and tear not only at home but also with regular use in the classroom. All sets are designed for a heavier load of active use, so you can be sure they will get the job done and last a long time. Tested under the most rigorous operating conditions. Kits that last!

Ozobot Color Code Magnets, Base Kit

The students who will be the best of all

Looking for more new ways to code because you already know the basic set completely from all angles? Do you care about your students and want an even greater challenge to take your studies to the next level? Show that you care about them and purchase the Special Moves set and the Speed set to use as supplements to the basic set. By expanding with additional sets, you'll provide students with a variety of new opportunities to achieve their goals.

An extraordinary journey of learning

It would be a great shame to learn only by reading. Encourage the curiosity of younger kids with the Ozobot magnetic set, which is guaranteed to draw them in. Together, they build a route using magnets that they place on the playing area according to the required Ozobot tasks. The set is designed to be simple to understand and effective for learning. Fast and efficient, this is the basis of learning with the Ozobot magnet set.

Make learning fun with lots of fun activities

One set engages a group of students in solving common tasks. In addition, Ozobot offers access to additional digital STEAM Kit lessons in the Ozobot Classroom, completely free of charge. All you have to do is scan the QR code or visit the Ozobot Classroom website.

Summary of Features

  • Interactive and educational game - aid
  • Promotes technical and creative skills
  • Strengthens critical thinking and group collaboration
  • Can be expanded with additional sets
  • Suitable for schools as a teaching supplement
  • Very fast way to program Ozobot
  • Extensive combination possibilities
  • High quality design
  • Designed for higher workloads
  • Ideal tool for schools

    Package contents:

  • Magnetic board: 640 mm x 305 mm
  • Fix (removable with water)
  • Straight line - 16 pieces
  • Circle turn - 6 pieces
  • Three-way junction - 3 pieces
  • Four-way junction - 3 pieces
  • Right side of junction - 2 pieces
  • Left at intersection - 2 pieces
  • Straight on intersection - 2 pieces
  • Top - 1 piece
  • Win/exit (replay) - 1 piece
  • Assembly instructions
  • Lesson plans, answer key

  • *Ozobot robots are not included. These can be purchased separately. The game should not be used without the Ozobot robot.

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    In 2012, Ozobot launched a prototype of a small, fidgety robot that showed the enormous potential of this field. After two years of painstaking development and debugging, the first Ozobot was launched and quickly became one of the world's most popular interactive toys. A lot of time has passed since then, but Ozobot still holds the imaginary top spot in education through smart toys.
    Ozobots' mission is to inspire young people to develop new technologies instead of passively using them. Today, the whole Ozobot concept perfectly fulfils the principles of STEAM education - combining polytechnics and a creative approach to develop a sustainable future.

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